Why we HIGHLY recommend Travel Insurance 
Part 1

Three favorite excuses for not getting the insurance: Too expensive, already covered by credit card, and ‘won’t happen to me’. Well, let’s just say, “not really”.  You work hard for those few weeks of vacation, so why not “Protect that investment?

Lessoned Learned:
“My great vacation gone bad by your very own Beach Escapes Team!”
It started out well. I made it to New York in January for a business conference and was on my way to a long-deserved beach getaway in Miami after the conference. It’s the last day of the conference and my flight to the beach was at 6pm. It was snowing in New York and that warm sunshine of Florida was calling my name. Then, that fateful airline text appears on my phone. My flight had been cancelled! Because of weather across the country, I could not get a flight out for 3 DAYS! Goodbye warm beach. Goodbye Miami.  And Goodbye to the $$$ I had paid for the beach house in Miami, because I did not have Travel Insurance”. 

So, those three excuses are just not true. Because of the frequent vacations gone wrong stories we hear throughout the year, we want to share with you over the next few posts about how Travel Insurance can give you peace of mind and protect your vacation.


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