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15 Simple “life hacks” for Your Day at the Beach!

1.Keys: Attach them to a flotation device (example: cork stopper from a wine bottle) just in case they end up in the water! Plus, it makes them easier to find in that bottomless beach bag. 2.Money: Make a holder from a medicine bottle, see the link for a quick DIY guide: 3.Flip Flops: Seems like common sense, but I had not thought of this before, but turn those flops over, so when you leave the beach, they aren’t hot on the side you wear them! 4.Yoga Mat: Put one under your towel/blanket to keep the sand from getting all over them. 5.Mesh Beach Bag: This is where you put the toys when the day is over, it will allow you to shake the sand off the toys. The sand falls through the mesh before you ever get to the car! 6.DIY Can “Cup Holder”: Hate getting sand all over your cups or bottles? Well, you and the kids can decorate old soup cans as “cup holders” so that you don’t have to set your drink, sippy cup or water b…
Let’s get ready for your beach vacation! It is time for sun, sand and water fun. Everyone is excited, but no one is looking forward to the packing part, right? What do you bring? What do you need? What should you be prepared for? What if you forget something? Well, let me help you get prepared, stress free, with some pointers and check off lists that will have you all packed and ready in no time.
Here is a great link I found with a Check List Guide to follow: