15 Simple “life hacks” for Your Day at the Beach!

1.       Keys: Attach them to a flotation device (example: cork stopper from a wine bottle) just in case they end up in the water! Plus, it makes them easier to find in that bottomless beach bag.
2.       Money: Make a holder from a medicine bottle, see the link for a quick DIY guide:
3.       Flip Flops: Seems like common sense, but I had not thought of this before, but turn those flops over, so when you leave the beach, they aren’t hot on the side you wear them!
4.       Yoga Mat: Put one under your towel/blanket to keep the sand from getting all over them.
5.       Mesh Beach Bag: This is where you put the toys when the day is over, it will allow you to shake the sand off the toys. The sand falls through the mesh before you ever get to the car!
6.       DIY Can “Cup Holder”: Hate getting sand all over your cups or bottles? Well, you and the kids can decorate old soup cans as “cup holders” so that you don’t have to set your drink, sippy cup or water bottles in the sand! Here is an example, click on the link:
7.       Pop up Tent: Find a tent that folds flat into a bag, it’ll take up less room and it’s easier to carry. The kids will love it for shade or a nap!
8.       Blow up Kitty Pool: This is helpful for the smallest in the bunch. It’s great for nap time, play time with toys you don’t want to get in the sand or to fill up with water for an enclosed play area.
9.       Water Balloons: How about freezing these instead of ice packs, then when they freeze is gone, you and the kids can have a water balloon fight! It’s a great way to cool off too.
10.   Baby Powder: Put this wherever you have sand to help get the it off easier.
11.   Green Tea Facial Mist: Easy to make and will give your skin relief while out in the sun!
a.       Directions:  Simply steep a green tea bag in a cup of cold water for a few hours, pour into a spritzer bottle and place in your refrigerator to cool. This will refresh and cool your skin, and the antioxidants in the tea will also do you good.
12.   Bug Spray: I know, it sounds like a weird one, but summer time brings the bugs and mosquitos out!
13.   Sunscreen: We all know this is a must, but keep it in the cooler for a more soothing reapplication (which you should do every 2 hours). And make sure to apply 30 minutes BEFORE sun exposure.
14.   Chapstick: SPF for those lips is just as important as for your skin. The skin on your lips is very sensitive!
15.   Beach Vacation Kit: This would be good to have in your car for emergency needs. See the Link for Ideas on what to include:


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